How To Create An Animated Gif From Video For Free

by Marty
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Hey guys I got a quick little hack for you here that’s it’s a total freebie and it’s one of those that for me it’s something that I use all the time but it’s not where I expected to find it.

If you ever want to make an animated GIF file and you need to do one quickly from a video, I found that using has actually turned out to be pretty easy to do and it costs you nothing.

It’s almost instantaneous to create one and I’m always trying to create little intros that I can embed inside of my emails so the video previews will actually stand out better in an email. I don’t want to do a bunch of video editing and copy stuff around and splice it and do all those types of things to make an animated gif.

So most of you have probably seen images from that are mostly memes that come across from there but one thing I found when I was on my search for animated gif creation tools, was the fact that you can just drop in a video url right here under video to gif option.  You could just drop the URL in right here see a preview of the video choose where you want to build your slice to make the video and create it on the fly.

I’m going to show you real quickly how to use that hack and I come over here to my YouTube account my primary one I just grabbed one of my videos from an affiliate product review that I did. I’m just going to copy the URL for the video at the top I’m just gonna paste that over here. I don’t even have to hit enter it starts spinning and there’s the video.

All I have to do is choose where I want to start doing this from. So, let’s say it was you know right here into the video where I want to start recording it, and I want it to go for five seconds, you could go all the way out to 15 seconds.

I wouldn’t do more than maybe 5 to 10 seconds.

What will happen, is it will loop through that section, and you can see a preview of it right here.  We’re just going to say create gif.

Now that I got it, all you have to do, is come up here and choose this little drop-down arrow. You don’t have to create an account and you don’t have to go share it to the community, which what I found is it’ll just stay hidden anyway. If you do this, I don’t plan on leaving the image out here own  All I’m gonna do, is click on a little arrow right here.  You don’t load the image and we’ll just put it over here test another one with that under miscellaneous downloads.

Now we’ve got a fairly compact image and there it is.

There’s your animated gif!

No branding

No watermarks anything like that.

It didn’t cost a dime to do and I didn’t need any fancy software to do it.

I’ll end up creating one for a video that I’m doing today actually.  The one that we are talking about here, and when I go share this little tip out with others, I will have an actual video preview of the video I’m creating right now using this exact same method.

I just wanted to show you guys that you don’t need to spend any money buying tools to do it.  just come out here and use a free resource like

I’m sure there’s plenty of other ones out there that can do this but this one was the easiest and the quickest and as you can see, we did it in you know, about a minute or two, then we’re done.

Consider using animated gifs in a variety of things, like to in email marketing to make sure people stay engaged when they see it.

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