Local Lead Grabber Pro Review | Clifton Wade Helps You Find Local Clients In A Snap With This Tool

by Marty
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Hello Again, Marty Bostick here with a product review for you today around Local Lead Grabber Pro.

It’s a product that Clifton Wade has launched and I wanted to share my insights and my perspective on on the software. I am a local marketer in addition to doing online marketing.

I’ve got many local clients that I provide services for and I try and solve issues that they have in their business. I do enjoy getting in front of those folks and working with them and if you are into local marketing this this really is a game changer.

Now you don’t have to specifically do this belly-to-belly for local marketing. This tool will work just fine if you want to approach a business owner online.

My experience with that is there’s so many other people doing that, it’s really hard to get in front of them I can tell you that sitting in front of those business owners that their phone rings all the time with people trying to sell them services.

Others are trying to get them on the first page of Google and they’re sick of it. They don’t want to hear it most of the time they they hang up or they just they ignore it all together so this is a great tool for helping you find the needle in the haystack.

Now, there’s a lot of filters built in so I look at it as kind of a big multi-stage filtration process that allows me to take a list of leads  and be able to pare down what I’m looking for quickly by just using little controls like you see here with a little green icon next to them. Here, I can simply just turn on the filters I want to find that specific need.

Now, if you’re looking at these, you’ve got several combinations. You’ve got businesses that need to be claimed for their business listings and they need a website or maybe they need to be claimed or they need a website. Okay, maybe some just need to clean their business listings or you’re looking for some that have no reviews or maybe they already have reviews but they’re missing some other information that can help them.

I’ve seen several that actually have reviews and no website, so those are those are all opportunities and what you’re doing is you’re putting together a punch list of pain points and services that you could go after for a business owner. You’ve got definitive information when you walk in the door. You’ve already got that to position yourself better to help them.

Now let’s look some more at the interface. You can see here it’s very simple. You’ve got a campaign name up here you’ve got primary keywords in the niche or area of a business that you’re going after. In this particular example, we’re gonna be doing DUI attorneys and over to the right, you have some other scrapers and extracting engines.

There’s also one to go pull out all the contact emails. You can also check to see if their SSL Certificates are missing or broken on a website to make sure it’s secured.

If you want to check if it’s mobile friendly, no problem, you just click the button here and it’ll go through that result. You can also open an existing campaign and pull it up and in this example, we’ll just go back through and reload the DUI attorneys. As you can see, it’ll bring the list up. It’s the same list that you see here. Now what I’ve done is that it scrapes listings in your area that are right around your locale, so I’ve pulled ones in my area for DUI attorneys.

What I want to do, is go through there and see the ones that don’t have any reviews. I want to start with that, so the one I’m going to click on, has no reviews and what happens is it compiles the list for me. Then, I simply save this list off to to an extract and I’ve got something to work with.

I’ve got a punch list to go after and create a proposal or get my approach together for these businesses.

So I can look right here and see that they have a domain name. I just keep going through the list and you see several of them here that you know they’ve got. They’ve got domains but they don’t have any reviews.

Well now let’s go change your list. Now I want to go through here and look and see which ones need to clean their business listing. Just click on that and these are ones that have no business listing that’s been claimed, so it’s a legitimate business that’s got a domain they’re out there, but they don’t have their listing clean. I carry that a little bit further the way I do it, because I’m a Yext business partner. Being a partner with them, I’m able to offer rebranded services I can sell like Directory synchronization services and review services and I’m able to take this business and start getting them reviews and give them review notifications.

I could upsell that service to them and the list goes on. It gives me a great portfolio to work from here by having information about local businesses. So in addition to their needing to claim their listing, they also don’t have a website. So I just click this button right here and now I can see that you know they don’t have a website.

So it’s been unclaimed and it has no website, so I know right off the bat that I’ve got two things I can do for them. I could show an example website. if you have some already that’s great but it tells me what I could go after instead of guessing at it.

Now let’s take that a step further and say you know I want to go see if any of these have reviews already but they don’t have a business listing and a website. I just check one extra box and then it’s going to narrow that down even further now that one has a website. I think I undid the other filter but so these are ones that have reviews but no website no no listings that’s even better because now you’ve got people that leave them reviews and you can go in and show them that information. You might say, “hey look you’ve got people that are reviewing your business but they can’t see what you do”.

This tool suite is perfect for me. I mean it really saves me a ton of time and it allows me to to quickly and easily find leads that are better perspective clients than just cold ones that I’ve got to go off and scrape and look for.

Overall, I would say this this software is is pretty clean. It’s to the point it does what it needs to do. I would recommend purchasing it and it’s well worth the money.

If you’re doing local marketing you really need it.

I’d say it’s a quality product, so I’m gonna end it there and I hope you guys make the right choice if you think it works for you. That’s my experience with it and I’m actually going to start taking some of that information and reach out to some potential clients and see if I can’t get my foot in the door with some of these services.

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