WP Affiliate Rush Review – With CUSTOM Bonuses

by Marty
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It’s Samuel and welcome to my WP affiliate rush review So I’ve actually review access to WP affiliate rush for the past week and because of that I’ve been able to go to the entire Plugin and go play around with it and it will see their additional training that you get with it and the entire thing That you’re getting and now I’m in a position to give you a full honest review of WP affiliate rush now.

I’ll be going through the members area showing you the sales page And then finally, I’ve created a custom bonus bundle which I believe to be the absolute best bonus bundle available for WP affiliate rush and these are you know custom training school of Additional content that I have created myself for WP affiliate rush to make it more enhanced and overall better.

Okay So this isn’t that no one else is offering and you’ll be able to see that in just a second Ok, so we’re gonna go through all that stuff right after this video intro All right real quick before we get started if you’re watching this video on YouTube and at any time you want to secure your copy Just click in the link in the video description right down below and you’ll get taken to my blog review right over here You’ll also be able to see my written review and also check out my custom bonuses But then also there’s this call to actions all over the blog review that says get WP affiliate rush plus my custom bonuses You just want to click on those in your head over to the sales page? Where you’ll be able to secure WP affiliate rush along with my custom bonuses.

Ok now I do wanna let you guys know that there’s only 30 bonus copies being sold for WP affiliate rush and Once the 30 copies are gonna be gone That means there’s gonna be no more available and I’ll clearly say that there’s no more copies available. Okay? So with that said, let’s go and jump into my video review Arts are now are on the sales page And as you can read here WP affiliate rush review it says case study discover how Jeremy made two hundred and thirty three dollars and seventy eight cents in less than 24 hours using a simple wordpress plugin and a brand New affiliate method and learn how why over forty two percent of his visitors purchased the product Matt’s the analytics 42 percent of his visitors only purchased because of what the plug-in does which it does what it does is that it adds Scarcity to your pages.

Okay, and it’s not just any scarcity. This is next-level stuff So it basically act it’s real piece is scarcity basically, so every time our product is you know BOTS do your you know Do your affiliate page or something is you sell something? It will automatically update on your page that another copy has been sold or you know One one less of a bonus is one one less of a bonus bundle is available So let’s say you’re only giving away 20 bonus bundles Then every time someone purchases a product it would automatically minus one and show that there’s only 16 left.

There’s ten left There’s three left and there’s none left So it will automatically do that as opposed to you having to go in manually and updating that, you know every couple of hours right So that’s how what this the core of WP affiliate rush does is that it allows this this wordpress plugin allows you to add? scarcity that Actually is real and that it actually will you know? Correlate to the amount of sales are made and also how many Morris bundles are Actually being sold and how many are left it will act to accurately represent that on your affiliate promotions And this is meant to you know, increase conversions much higher because if someone sees that there’s only seven bonus bundles available They’ll be much more likely to you know, make that purchase and dive in then in there as opposed to you know finish in that short Ask that they’re doing or something that they had in mind and coming back later and sometimes people don’t come back later They you know forget about it, or maybe they’ve moved on to something else and this is don’t take action but these scarcity timers and countdowns and you know number of copies left allow people to take action right then in there and Usually it’s both for the benefit of course, but you know the take action and you are able to make the Commission’s right? So that’s what WP affiliate rush review, you know, it doesn’t in nutshell, but of course, it’s just a wordpress plugin is not enough so what the team is actually done is actually You know made I’m in really good affiliate training along with the plugins you’re also gonna get a great affiliate training that these guys use now these three gentlemen that are out behind this launch or Jeremy? Kennedy, so he’s the main person behind the launch button There’s Fergal downs and then there’s Medici honey and all three people of these are I know them all very well They’re really top marketers and fur goes one of the top guys He’s been on the top guys for a long time and he’s one of the people that I actually saw once when I won I was You’re just getting started into internet marketing.

And actually he was the one who I kind of actually brought me into this space and Introduced me to the idea of making money online He’s been really big for a really long time met He’s also a fellow Canadian and I have had many chats with him as well He’s also a great guy and he’s making a lot of money useful And jeremy of course is another top top marketer and he’s doing really good online as you can see here What what his results are I? Count a two hundred and thirty three dollars in a single day as you can see the start date and the end is the same day It’s a little annoying affiliate hack that crushes.

It’s backed by proven case studies.

It takes two minutes is set up and implement Literally, that’s true I’ll make its complete step-by-step videos are also included 100% newbie friendly and it works over and over again Okay, and as you can see here seven hundred twenty-five days in a week and Well, and then they have additional proof of course, and then they also have a demo on the real page So that’s what I like about this whole sales page in the sole product then it’s very transparent It tells what it is Exactly on the sales page there isn’t much hidden and that’s what I really like is one there that can just show you the amount of credibility that these two people have right and As you can see there’s gonna be a hole down there You can take a look at explains exactly what this product does and the Jeremy’s going to show that on the actual sales page But then he says a very important point that it isn’t all about the plugin You see this.

There’s a lot more when it comes to affiliate marketing and the key points. Most guys don’t really reveal It’s about the stuff. You don’t want to know and will never find out unless you do you have Lists, you do them. What have to do in order to make money now This is something no software can give you but our plugin really makes them want to buy however some things You simply have to be talked correctly and that’s what we’re also teaching you how to do a fluid marketing the right way So they’re also gonna be adding in their top affiliate marketing strategies along with this so that you’re using the whole, you know Cog the whole gear is running you have the scarcity this powerful plugin, but you also have their top affiliate marketing strategies Okay. Now we’re going to jump into the members area let you you don’t go through the sales pages your own time Now we’re on the members area. And this is what you’re gonna get once you pick up WP affiliate rush Okay, as you can see, this is the members area it’s gonna introduce you with a little welcome video and then there’s gonna be that quick demo for you again if you want to just Take a look at it then step three just to simply download the plugin a simple quick download we’ll get a download and Step four is gonna be the training videos and the training videos were actually on the page that I received before But they’re making a you know Final version of the members area and they’re making a much prettier So they’re just importing that right now as we’re making these videos, but there’s a whole included training section as well That’s gonna be added in here for you guys.

Okay, and that’s what WP affiliate rush is in. Okay now Overall my opinion on it is that this is over also giving the cat needless to say I really liked WP affiliate rush and this is the exact plugin that I have personally been looking for because for months you know, I’ve been using a plug-in myself to you know account the bonuses on my promotions, but constantly that would you know, I calculate wrong or sometimes it would just get stuck in one position and it was really very clunky not good overall and This tool, however, you know, I’ve actually tried it for my last two promotions and it does fantastically it’s doing really good It counts exactly how many sales you’re doing because it actually you actually put a code inside your affiliate page as opposed to the other one that I was using which was doing a different type of process and the The amount that this is going for is also amazing because that one that I purchased before was $67 but this affiliate WP rush the training and the software included all of it together is only $13 which is an absolute steal of a price.

Okay, and that’s exactly what it’s gonna be going for So the main product and training is going to be going for 1295 and then they do have some upgrade options for some additional stuff and I’ll just explain what they aren’t and really quickly Upgrade number one is kit and it’s the case 30 plus done for you pack This is going for 37 dollars. And with this upgrade option. You will receive some of Jeremy’s done for new campaigns Along with some done for you bonuses that you can use in your promotions and Jeremy will also be showing you some affiliate offers He’s being done on and he’ll allow you to copy his the exact campaigns but case they with the case study bundle So it’s the done for you pack the basically covers all the setup work and then it also it adds a case study That you can you know Look at Jeremy’s own proven results with this and See how he is able to do that get those results with that campaign and kind of understand I know more over the shoulder format now upgrade number two is a super affiliate training plus live Call Plus mastermind So it’s three things in one and upgrade number two includes an extensive Super affiliate training along with a live training call where Jeremy will share all his secrets over the shoulder Showing how to set up these amazing Money pulling machines while answering any questions you may have and then they will also include an exclusive Mastermind group in order to in order to help you succeed with their method.

So this is gonna be like a group coaching mastermind that you’re also gonna be added to right here you can ask questions and you can kind of like pick their brains and ask Them anything you want. So that’s a super powerful as well I highly recommend upgrading number two now up to number three is WPF for your license, right? So this upgrade allows you to become an affiliate of WP affiliate rush at a hundred percent Commission’s so it’s gonna be thirty to seven dollars for just the front end a Reseller rights and forty seven dollars for the entire funnel reseller rights? Okay and you basically You’ll be able to make money promoting this high converting funnel as an affiliate using the exact methods you learn inside WP affiliate rush Training. Okay. So that is the whole upgrade options overall I really like upgrading one and upgrade number two or number three is up to I always leave that up to the person Because you know if you can drive traffic you have traffic sources, then of course, those are really really, you know, powerful stuff But if not, they’re really kind of useless because you don’t have much to do right now But upgrade number two something that I find really powerful did it’s like three things in one and it’s like the ultimate, you know Affiliate training that you can look for in a long that you also get that mastermind access.

Okay So those are the upgrade options and I actually want to show you the WP affiliate rush software in action so as you can see here now, we’re on my one of my websites here and if you just go to the settings you can see WP affiliate rush is installed and it’s a very simple install you just go to the plugins sections add new and then you just upload the WPF a – You know plugin that you can find from the members area So you would just click on this, you know It’s like a one click download As you can see it’s downloaded here and then you can all of course just go ahead and put it up On your website.

Okay, and then after that it’s as simple as you know, I’m actually gonna open up here its own settings WP affiliate rush and then once here you have a couple of short codes that you have to simply just add to your To your pages wherever you want your you the countdown to be happening and it’s simple as that So the first thing you do is add an IP and URL to your affiliate provider So this works perfectly for jvzoo and were your plus and then once you set the URL? Every sale the product will be logged in to your site and then you can use this shortcode for that product So first things first you add this shortcode To your affiliate provider and then after that you use this shortcode So you use this first one right here To show how many bonuses are remaining and you can actually edit this so it’s by default It says 20 so it’s gonna say 20 bonuses available 20 bonuses remaining but you know, if you just change this to 30 40 50. Oh just you know, correct itself And that’s what it’s gonna keep as the baseline And for every time you get a sale, it’s gonna go to like from 30 to 29 28 17 6 well, however, if no more you sales you get it’ll automatically You know cut down and you won’t have to actually come in and do that yourself, which is pretty powerful Right, and it’s not hard to add this IP and into your affiliate provider It’s actually very easy and when you basically do it, this is gonna say the same for all of your campaigns So you want to give this a copy and head over to your affiliate offers? And this is where your plus for example and this is an offer instead manator And I have my affiliate URL So you used to want to go to your affiliates? Get links and then choose whatever offer you want to promote and once you click on it There’s this part right here that says web hook IP and URL Ok you simply just paste this over there and hit save and After that, you use these other short quotes right where you would want it So maybe what I like to do is where the call to action is, so the click or whatever I’ll just usually put it one above it so that’s what I do in my you know review this wall and every time there’s a sale it would automatically – down and you know cut down so I can actually show you that live right now Because in order to show you how it goes down I would actually you don’t have to make sales of my product so that kind of that simultaneously in a review, but you know Jeremy actually shows that really nicely in his demo video that you’ll be able to take a look at on the sales page and in the members area as well and by the Way they do a very good explanation and make it’s super easy for you So this was just a quick explanation to try to teach it to you but basically, you know It’s gonna be something like this where it says six remaining and you can change up the text.

You can change up the Coloring the font and everything About it. And as you can see Jeremy actually chose to give it a highlight so to highlight how many is available and you can also Specifically set separate countdown timers for oto. So if you want to have a different one for your one-time offer You can also do that as well. But but by default it would be on your whole funnel So if you just put it on, you know for this example, I put on exterminator So if I make a sale of inseminator or it’s you know, one-time offers, it will automatically, you know – sit down that way Okay, and that’s basically how this works. It’s super powerful and it’s something that is gonna Increase your sales by a lot the sales page Okay, you know it says that it’s gonna be by 42 percent But that’s around the ballpark of what I’ve heard as well because scarcity overall is a must have on your sales pages And I’m sure you’ve already had it had some sort of source of scarcity on your you know Promotions and stuff like that, but along with that you also should you know? It’s a huge benefit for that scarcity to be working on itself.

So every time the sell is happening it automatically updates, but that’s I Really see a solution that worked with this well for you know us internet marketers specifically on you know what WordPress of course there’s like these page builders that have those but not WordPress specifically and that’s why I really find this to be really really powerful And of course you get that additional affiliate marketing training from three top guys, which is also very very powerful Right, so you’re gonna get all that whole pack for just $from 1295. Okay, and then there’s those upgrade options So now that we’ve gone through the members area We’ve done a whole review and we’ve gone through all the stuff that needed to be you need to be, you know I to show you now we’re gonna jump into my custom bonus bundle that I have personally created and I’m just going to show you what that is.

Okay, so my custom bonus bundle for There we go, so my customers bundle for WP affiliate is as follows Okay, so the first bonus is my full WP affiliate software walkthrough So WP affiliate rush while being a really solid plug-in pulse course It does not do too much justice in explaining the entire setup process or telling you how it will all work together from the starting point and while this is okay for Most people if you are new it can be hard to understand what exactly you need to do to use this effectively So in my custom bonus number one You know this problem will be solved in this bonus I’ll be explaining the entire idea to you on how to set up this whole plugin from A to Z and this will be a great add-on and explaining it to you to help you hit the ground running and Overall just get, you know have a higher chance at success.

Okay? Now I always add like you add something like this and all my bonus bundles Because I’m not sure how well the job the vendors will do, but I try to make sure that you know Even if they don’t cover something I did the most extent extensive walkthrough of the software and just add some you know Pro tips for you, so you can just hit the ground running that’s gonna be my bonus Number one now a bonus number two is how to build a wordpress site in 15 minutes starting from scratch It’s like 50 minutes flat, okay so Of course in order to use WP affiliate rush you would need WordPress because this is a wordpress plugin along with the training But you would need a wordpress to use that wordpress plugin.

It’s not cloud hosted so you first need to have a wordpress installed with a domain and hosting so, however If you don’t have that then you won’t be able to take advantage of this great software So in my custom bonus number two I will be showing you how to set up WordPress on a domain plus hosting and I will show you how to do it in All in just 15 minutes flat now This is a super simple process that I constantly see overdramatized people being scared that you know It’s super hard to build a website or maybe that WordPress actually cost $200. It’s actually free. Okay, so I’m gonna be showing you exactly how to do that and I will take you to the instead Entire process step by step and show you how to set it up really quickly Okay, so if you’re newbie and you thought worse but skeptical about this my customers number two completely solves that problem for you Okay, rest assured you’re gonna be in good hands now bonus number three is my own WP affiliate rush case study Okay So in this custom once I will be showing you my own personal case study of applying scarcity to my affiliate promos Now this case study will show you the power of you know, WP affiliate rush and also the power of scarcity Okay So I will show you my results of a Dallas scarcity and then I will show you the same results After scarcity was added and the results are like night and day Okay, you’ll really see this case study will really be an eye-opener for you and you’re really gonna enjoy it Okay, that’s bonus number three and this is my own case to be by the way This is not some Pele or content now bonus number four is a hundred percent Commission’s to my highest converting offer.

Okay? Now this of course as you can see, it’s a pretty insane offer And with this you’re gonna get a hundred percent Commission’s on my highest converting you know internet marketing product and with affiliate rush you will need of course good products to promote it because you’re gonna be doing affiliate marketing and What better way to get started by you know getting 100 percent Commission’s to a highly converting offer right off the bat? Okay, you’re gonna make a lot of money with this if we just take action with it And you know, of course you can actually go take a look as well This one hundred percent commission that you’re gonna get this offer. This hundred percent commission reseller license is being sold currently for $97. Okay. So this bonus in real world value. This is not some you know blowing up number is actually $97 to get this you’re gonna get a $97 value For free that’s a bonus. Okay. So I hope you enjoy that bonus. That’s my bonus number four and rest assured You’re gonna get food because it’s gonna be me on the other side I’m gonna prove you and you’re also gonna get a hundred percent commissions Now bonus number five is twenty amazing bonuses.

You can give away now, of course for this process to work You need to have bonuses. If you don’t have bonuses, they’re gonna be giving away. What’s the point of that scarcity rate? So in this bonus number five, I’ll give you twenty bonuses twenty premium high-quality you know video trainings that you can give away to your you know visitors to your subscribers in your affiliate promotions and you’re gonna have resold not result but give away rights to these twenty products Okay, and these are each high-quality training in different parts of internet marketing as you can see, there’s SEO CPA Software clicks and traffic, you know the editing videos Amazon affiliate marketing a 67 figure blueprint creating software ecommerce Snapchat YouTube drop shipping list building everything is in this, okay It’s a really powerful set of videos and you’re gonna get all of it in this custom bonus Okay Now bonus number six is growing and this is a really powerful full premium course that is currently selling and where your plus for seventeen dollars and growing will teach you how to turn ten dollars into Hundreds in passive income per month while without selling anything Okay, you get this full course for free when you pick up WP Philly rush from this page You’re gonna get an additional course for free Okay Now bonus number seven is traffic flood and this is another premium course That is currently being sold on more your plus and you will need to drive the traffic to your for your campaigns.

Of course right So in this course You’re going to learn how to drive through the high quality traffic to any affiliate campaign with nearly any website that you want Okay And this was a best seller traffic course and I’m happy to be able to give this to over to you guys as a bonus Now bonus number eight. Is that yet another premium course And this is also a traffic course and you don’t try to leave traffic will show you how to you know? How to get penny traffic in animation and collect up to four hundred and eighty leads a day in the process Okay, this is perfect for fast traffic to anything that you need Okay, another traffic course you’re getting for free as a bonus now, finally I’m also including all the vendor bonuses that you know, the vendors give to their affiliates to help in their promotions, and I’m telling you 99% of failures are just gonna give you one or a couple of these bonuses but I’m also gonna be adding all the vendor bonuses in this, you know, last bonus just because you know, They usually don’t really, you know, add up that really get with the main product So I really didn’t value them as much because everyone gets them so I’m also gonna be adding them in just let you know They will also be provided in my download page and what those are is specifically or this So the first one is insta list so it’s a full case study of how Jeremy got two thousand seven and forty one extremely targeted hyper engaged followers for free in less than week.

That’s bonus Number one bonus number two is the super traffic method and borås number three is million PLR products Okay, so that is gonna cover the entire You know bonuses that you will need you’re gonna have million peeler products that you can choose from. Okay. So those are three additional Bonuses that you’re gonna get in addition to my custom bonuses that only I am providing these custom bonuses Okay So that is everything you’re gonna get you can get it instantly as you make your purchase of WP affiliate rush through this page It’s gonna be available in your warrior Plus back and so once you go and make your purchase You just want to come over to where your plus and you want to come to the top here and you want to click on? Purchase history and once you click on purchase history and find WP affiliate rush right under WP affiliate rush once you click on it Let’s say access and right under it you’ll see affiliate bonuses and you want to click those and you’ll head over to a Custom private page where you’ll get all my bonuses for WPP a rush delivered instantly to you Okay, so that is it for my WPF a rush review if you want to get my custom bonuses rest assured I just know that there’s 30 available so you want to act quick and you want to come in and Pick these up because these usually go in the first day or two.

Okay, so my custom bonuses will be available instantly as I Mentioned and that is it for my WP affiliate rush review If you have any questions at all, and you’re watching this video on youtube just comment down in the video box And I’ll be happy to help right away And if you’re watching this on my blog, of course just comment down right here, and I’m usually I reply within the hour Okay. Now I wanna do wanna let you guys know that if you just come on this page and you’re watching this well You know, this video was just put out I do want to let you know that WP affiliate rush review goes live on November 18th at 9 a.m.

EST So if that time has not passed yet. This will not be available. Just wait til November 18 and 9 a.m Est M then you want to come back to this video and secure my custom bonuses with WP affiliate rush Okay, so that is it for my entire review and thank you so much for watching .

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